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Yvonne Pappas   
Specialties: Shiatsu Acupressure Therapy; Shiatsu; Acupressure
Credentials:OHASHI INSTITUTE® Graduate
Address: 202 E. Washington Street, Suite 601 Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-649-7299
Discount for mentioning this site:$10.00 discount on first session
Using a framework of Eastern Philosophy, this nurturing form of Shiatsu combines precise acupressure, gentle stretching and fluid movements to promote physical, psychological and spiritual harmony. Helps release tension, strengthen body systems, increase flexibility, relieve pain, and clear the mind.

Craig J. Parian    (Evolving Shiatsu)
Specialties: Acupressure; Meditation; Shiatsu
Sub-specialties:Sound Healing
Credentials:Graduate International School of Shiatsu, AOBTA Certified Practitioner, Professor of Shiatsu @ AAIMT Third Level Master in Himalayan Bowl Healing, trained in Structural Alignment, Central Channel Clearing and Fascia Release
Address: 408 N. Main St. Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-272-5020
Discount for mentioning this site:1st treatment 1 hour $49
Evolving Shiatsu Bodywork Therapy utilizes acupuncture system without the use of needles. Includes deep tissue bodywork,acupressure, stretching, structural alignment, spinal release, and sound healing. Relieves pain, improves circulation, releases toxins, strengthens immune system, increases energy. Also improves chronic health issues by balancing and strengthening the body's own healing ability. Also diet, exercise and life style counseling for self-healing.

Felix Paulick    (Growing Together Life Learning Center)
Specialties: Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, marital; Psychotherapy, group; Psychotherapy, sexual addiction; Life Coaching
Sub-specialties:Men's Work, Men's Health
Credentials:MSW, MBA
Address: 1050 Olivia Ave Ann Arbor MI 48104
Phone: 734-622-8335
Discount for mentioning this site:Free consultation
Growing Together is a Life Learning Center that offers psychotherapy and life coaching services. Our psychotherapy practice specializes in treating depression, anxiety, addiction, and trauma. Areas of expertise include postpartum depression, men's work, and sexual addiction, We offer life coaching in the areas of personal growth, relationships, childbirth, parenting, and career development.

Kim Perlman, M.A.   
Specialties: Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Women's health; Art therapy
Sub-specialties:Creative Arts Therapy. Bereavement, body image & self-injury, infertility, and pregnancy loss. Populations served: Children, adolescents, and groups.
Credentials:M.A., Drama Therapy, New York University
Address: 623 W. Huron Street (near 3rd St) Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: 734-846-2883
Discount for mentioning this site:Sliding scale according to need
Creative Arts Therapy utilizes drama, art, dance, and music as expressive tools. These techniques are an alternative outlet for clients who are dealing with painful unresolved emotional or somatic blocks. I use such projective techniques as role-play, clay work, drawing, and movement to facilitate change in my clients.

Lawrence Perlman, PhD   
Specialties: Chronic pain; Hypnotherapy; Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, family
Sub-specialties:Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy, Family & Couples Psychotherapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy & Hypnotherapy, Chronic Illness, Insomnia & Pain Management, Anxiety & Mood Disorders and PTSD
Address: 623 W. Huron St. near Third St. Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734 846-7949
Discount for mentioning this site:25% discount first session
I have 40 years of experience treating children, adolescents, and adults with several psychotherapeutic approaches, including short-term solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, family-systems therapy, hypnotherapy, and psychoanalytic therapy. My work is integrative and includes alternative healing practices based on Tai Chi. I developed evidence-based wellness and pain management programs at the VA with a positive psychology emphasis.

Greg Peroff, D.C.    (Synergy Chiropractic Center)
Specialties: Chiropractic
Address: 4347 Jackson Rd Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 662-4000
We are a family Chiropractic office catering to infants thru seniors. We allow the body to fully express itself through the inborn wisdom of each individual. Prevention and correction of the underlying cause leads to optimal health.

Bethany Peterson    (New Beginnings Energy Clinic)
Specialties: Reiki; Energy healing
Credentials:Certified Reiki Practitioner; Certified Energy Healer
Address: 407 E. Kingsley St. Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 718-610-9965
Discount for mentioning this site:50% discount on first session; 50% discount on next session for recommending my services to a friend
Reiki, an acient Tibetan energy healing technique, is a unique rejuvinator, and a natural way to relieve stress, uncover emotional blockages, and serves as a wonderful complement to other implemented health procedures such as chemo therapy, surgery, or psychotherapy. Personally trained under Libby Barnett (co-author of 'Reiki Energy Medicine') and Gene Krackehl (author of 'You Are the Healer'), I offer 30 and 60 minute sessions in a relaxed, clean atmosphere in the heart of Kerrytown.

Ilona Phillips   
Specialties: Meditation; Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, substance abuse
Sub-specialties:Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (individual, couples and group)
Address: 118 W. Jefferson Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: 734-478-7358
Have you struggled with: eating&body image concerns, substance use, addiction, compulsive behaviors, anxiety, depression,relationship concerns? I can help you find answers&effective tools to successfully manage your concerns. My approach is based primarily in the progressive work of Mindfulness Based CBT and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy tailored to your needs.

Kathleen Powell    (Rubbit Therapeutic Massage)
Specialties: Massage therapy
Address: 249 South Wagner Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 417-4325
Rubbit Therapeutic Massage caters to a wide variety of people. Practicing swedish/relaxation, neuromuscular and myofacial therapies. Office/workplace chair massage caters to your business. Gift certificates available. Phone for an appointment today! 734 417-HEAL!

Beverly Price, RD, MA, RYT    (Om Moves Studio)
Specialties: Nutritional guidance; Yoga
Sub-specialties:Nutrition, Yoga Therapy
Address: 218 N. Fourth Ave., #204 Ann Arbor MI 48104
Phone: 248-390-4150
Individual counseling and yoga group support/discussion programs for eating disorder recovery and weight management. DVD available.

Relax Station   
Specialties: Massage therapy; Reflexology; Reiki
Sub-specialties:Drop-in seated massage
Address: 300 W Huron Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734)623-1951
Walk-in Seated Massage and Reflexology, Appts. also welcome. Full Body Massage By Appt. Open 7 days a week.

RelaxStation Ltd.   
Specialties: Massage therapy; Reflexology; Energy healing
Address: 300 W. Huron Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: 734-623-1951
Voted Best Massage in Ann Arbor, open 7 days a week. Seated massage and reflexology walk-in and appt. Full body massage by appt.

Gretchen Rieger    (Your Space or Ours Massage & Body Therapy)
Specialties: Reflexology
Sub-specialties:Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage
Credentials:Nationaly Certified Massage Therapist
Address: 706 W. Huron Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 913-5459
Discount for mentioning this site:10%
Integrated approach to massage based on the client's needs at our office; or the convenience of your home, office, or hotel.

Joel Robbins, Dipl. OM    (Dao Center for Inner Health)
Specialties: Acupressure; Acupuncture; Chinese medicine; Herbology
Credentials:MAcOM; BS Nutrition; Diplomate of Oriental Medicine; Registered Acupuncturist (MI); Certified Taichi and Qigong Instructor
Address: 416 W. Huron St #4 MI 48103
Phone: 734-205-7348
Discount for mentioning this site:$15 off initial visit
Dao Center for Inner Health, located in downtown Ann Arbor Michigan, offers comprehensive Chinese medicine services, including Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Tuina Bodywork as well as classes in Qigong (Chi Kung), Herbalism, Chinese Nutrition and other aspects of Yang Sheng (traditional health cultivation practices).

Rebecca Rogers, N.M.D., M.S., D. Ho   
Specialties: Naturopathic medicine; Nutritional guidance; Homeopathy; Herbology; Biofeedback
Sub-specialties:Electral Dermal Screening, Anti-aging
Credentials:Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor
Address: 3643 Barker Rd. Whitmore Lake MI 48189
Phone: (734) 449-5483
I run the Phazx2010 electral dermal computer and/or the Computron on my people. I attended 2 naturopathic residency schools. I use my N.M.D. to determine what side effects drugs are doing on the clients and how to not administer herbs that will increase their side effects.

Mark Rojek    (Phoenix Health Services)
Specialties: Herbal Medicine
Credentials:Dipl. Ac., ENT, BS
Address: 1785 W. Stadium Blvd. Suite 104B Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-475-2737
Discount for mentioning this site:Discount of 15%
I have been in practice for 24 years specializing in Enzyme Therapy and acupuncture for all conditions. I view everyone with unique qualities and match their programs with that information.

Mark Rojek,     (Radiant Health Services)
Specialties: Acupuncture; Enzyme therapy
Sub-specialties:Enzyme Nutrition Therapist
Credentials:Certified Acupuncturist and Enzyme Therapist
Address: 785 N. Dancer Rd. Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-433-9267
Discount for mentioning this site:
I am a certified Acupuncturist, trained in Wisconsin, China and Canada. I am a Certified Enzyme therapist trained at the Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition in Madison, WI. I offer the best of both Eastern and Western medical approaches.

Joan M. Rose    (Rose Chiropractic Cllinic, PC)
Specialties: Craniosacral therapy
Sub-specialties:Lymph Drainage Therapy (Chikly School)
Credentials:BA, University of Michigan, MLS, Univeristy of Michigan, CST
Address: The Parkway Center 2345 S. Huron Pkwy Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-973-6898
I specialize in Upledger craniosacral therapy. In 2001 I was certified by the Upledger Institute. I also offer Lymph Drainage Therapy.

Robert C. Rose, D.C.    (Rose Chiropractic Clinic, PC)
Specialties: Chiropractic
Address: The Parkway Center 2345 S. Huron Pkwy Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-973-6898
I have offered chiropractic care to people in the Ann Arbor area for over 30 years. I am Advanced Rated in Activator Methods. I am also skilled in manual adjusting.

Shannon Roznay, DC    (Thrive! Wellness Center)
Specialties: Chiropractic
Sub-specialties:Nutrition Response Testing
Address: 6901 S State Rd, Ste D Saline MI 48176
Phone: 734-470-6766
Discount for mentioning this site:Save an additional $20 off a New Patient Visit
At Thrive! we specialize in improving health through nutritional supplements and dietary change. We also offer chiropractic and massage services along with healthy products for your body and home.

Meredith Russell-Fay    (Clarity Consulting)
Specialties: Psychotherapy/counseling, general
Sub-specialties:Stress Management Training
Address: At your location
Phone: 734-476-5133
Pro-active stress management for successful professionals - optimize your response to predictable life changes and daily hassles, and enhance your skills for coping with the unpredictable!

Lisa Saaf    (Shiatsu Therapy)
Specialties: Shiatsu
Address: 106 East Liberty Suite 302 Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-255-7606
Based on traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese massage, shiatsu combines nurturing touch with acupressure, stretching and movement.

Deborah Salzberg, Psy.D   
Specialties: Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, marital; Hypnotherapy; Life Coaching
Sub-specialties:Trained in Hypno-Regression therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss
Credentials:Psy.D. degree from Wright State University of Professional Psychology,Dayton, Ohio. Fully licensed in the State of Michigan
Address: 2002 Hogback Rd Suite 15 Ann Arbor MI 48105
Phone: 734-477-9280
Discount for mentioning this site:10%
I have been a practicing Psychologist for over 20 years. I offer you a variety of services to meet your needs. Included are: Cognitive Behavioral and/or Transpersonal treatment of Anxiety, Stress, and Depression; Therapy for Addictions and Self Defeating behavioral patterns; Relationship and Life Coaching, Marital Therapy; Parent-Child Communication; Divorce Mediation; Hypnosis, and Past-Life Regression. Please call me or visit my website for more information.

Karis Samson    (Lightworks Therapeutics)
Specialties: Massage therapy
Sub-specialties:Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Colorpuncture, Core Synchronism, Natural Therapeutics, Clairvoyant Readings and Healings
Credentials:NTS, LMT, CCP, CCSP
Address: Ann Arbor's Old West Side
Phone: 734-720-1294
Lightworks Therapeutics is here to serve the Ann Arbor community and beyond, creating vibrant well-being through the art and science of holistic bodywork, including therapeutic massage and bodywork, colorpuncture, core synchronism, natural therapeutics, and clairvoyant readings and healings. Learn more at lightworkstherapeutics.com. Here's to your vibrant health and well-being!

Teresa M. Saunders, D.C.    (Whitmore Lake Chiropractic)
Specialties: Chiropractic
Address: 8505 Main Street, Front, Whitmore Lake MI 48189
Phone: (734) 449-4435
Dr. Saunders has been providing chiropractic care to the Whitmore Lake community for two decades. She is a full spine adjuster and a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. New patients are scheduled as promptly as possible.

Darren Schmidt, D.C., N.D.    (Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor)
Specialties: Chiropractic; Naturopathic medicine; Nutritional guidance; Homeopathy
Address: 3100 W Liberty, suite C Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: (734) 302-7575
Discount for mentioning this site:
I help people improve their health by providing intelligent advice, nutritional recommendations, food supplements, homeopathy, chiropractic and herbs. I help people get to the cause of their health concern and find an effective natural treatment.

Keli A. Schneberger   
Specialties: Chronic pain
Credentials:Professional Bowenwork Practitioner, MPT
Address: 218 N. Fourth Ave. Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 649-8305
Discount for mentioning this site:$10 off first visit
Bowenwork is a series of gentle rolling moves across specific muscles, tendons which affects nerves and muscles and allows pain relief and release of muscle tension. The moves are done through clothing and are followed by periods of rest. Bowenwork is a whole body treatment approach. Experience the difference.

Alyssa Schreiber    (Kaizen Healing Arts)
Specialties: Massage therapy; Chronic pain
Address: 218 N Fourth Ave suite 206 Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-657-1765
Discount for mentioning this site:10% off one session
Ms. Schreiber completed her massage training at the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy in 2002 and refined her work as a massage therapist at Bellanina Day Spa through 2005. She employs her training in Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Therapy to release trigger points and adhesions that cause pain and restrict range of motion. She also develops personalized stretching and strengthening exercises.

Seema Shaik, MBBS, CCT    (Green Health Thermography)
Specialties: Thermography (Thermal Imaging); Women's health; Cancer
Sub-specialties:Breast Cancer
Address: The Parkway Cenetr, 2345 S. Huron Parkway Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-845-4294
Discount for mentioning this site:Free Infrared Suana session
Green Health Thermography is a natural health and thermal imaging center specializing in women's health. All Thermography screenings and consultations are performed by a female doctor certified in clinical thermography. Images will be interpreted and reported by MDs board certified in clinical thermology. Our staff includes a Registered Nurse (RN) and Registered Radiologic Technologist (RT) and Mammographer (M). We offer two types of services - Breast Thermography and Green Health Sauna.

Malcolm Sickels, M.D.   
Specialties: General practice; Hypnotherapy; Nutritional guidance; Holistic Health Education
Address: 210 Little Lake Drive, Suite 10 Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 332-9936
I am a physician in solo practice to provide personal service to my patients. Board certified in holistic medicine, family medicine, and chelation therapy, I work with my patients to find therapies that are effective without side effects.

Caryn Simon   
Specialties: Childbirth; Herbology; Reiki
Credentials:DONA, Doula's of North America
Address: 2234 E. North Territorial Whitmore Lake MI 48189
Phone: 734-646-1351
I am a Holistic Birth Doula serving Ann Arbor and its surrounding areas. My services include three prenatal visits and 2-3 post-partum visits. I specialize in toning herbal teas and ayervedic style post-birth food cooked in your home. Excellent references can be found on my website: www.carynascreatrix.com.

Heather Sloan    (HMS Acupuncture LLC)
Specialties: Acupuncture
Sub-specialties:Chinese Medicine, Chinese Herbalist
Credentials:Dipl. Ac., Dipl. C.H.
Address: 2160 Huron Parkway, Suite 4 Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-975-2745
Discount for mentioning this site:$10 off initial visit for mentioning this listing
We provide a supportive, friendly, professional environment for men and women of all ages. We treat most all medical conditions using combinations of Chinese Medical therapies such as acupuncture, cupping, moxabustion and herbal teas.

Helen Slomovits   
Specialties: Energy healing
Sub-specialties:BodyTalk and Holographic Repatterning
Credentials:Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Level 1 Holographic Repatterning Practitioner
Address: 210 Little Lake Dr. Suite #8 Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 665-0409
BodyTalk and Holographic Repatterning are both energy-based healing systems. BodyTalk asks the body its priorities in addressing energy blockages, freeing the body to heal itself. Holographic Repatterning works with shifting our resonance, so that we resonate with our intentions and not with our problems.

Marie Slottow    (Good Vibrations Healing Practice)
Specialties: Energy healing
Sub-specialties:Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection
Credentials:Reconnective Healing Practitioner Level I/II and III
Address: Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-546-6594
A hands-off healing modality. Reconnective Healing® utilizes an inclusive spectrum of energy, light and information to restore balance on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. The Reconnection® restores your connection with our Earth and Universe.

Terri Stangl, J.D.    (Great Lakes Flotation LLC)
Specialties: Sensory deprivation tank
Address: :5232 South Morrish Road Swartz Creek MI 48457
Phone: 989-295-4269
Discount for mentioning this site:50% off first float
Flotation sessions of one hour or more scheduled by appointment only.

Ema Stefanova   
Specialties: Yoga; Meditation
Sub-specialties:Yoga Nidra Relaxation
Credentials:Expert Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Guide of 27 years worldwide; UM Integrative Medicine Yoga and Meditation Therapy Referral Practitioner.
Address: P.O. Box 1033 Ann Arbor MI 48106-1033
Phone: (734) 665-7801
Teaching traditional yoga postures, breathing, relaxation, cleansing and meditation since 1979. Worked with cardiac patients in the area. Implementing programs for clients' specific needs - both adults and kids. Will come to your school, business, etc. for group or individual lessons.

Helen Stockton    (Mother Earth Midwifery)
Specialties: Childbirth
Address: 6270 Munger rd Ypsilanti MI
Phone: 734-657-0259
Discount for mentioning this site:%5 discount
Mother Earth Midwifery provides full midwifery care from conception through the post partum period for women and their families planning a natural birth at home. Water Birth experienced.

The Joyful Body, Inc.   
Specialties: Massage therapy; Craniosacral therapy; Energy healing; Cancer
Sub-specialties:Seichem and SomatoEmotional Release
Credentials:MFit Approved Provider
Address: 717 W. Huron Suite #2 Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: (734) 827-2639
Discount for mentioning this site:Free Hot Stone Therapy with any 1-hour session (new clients only)
Do you know the difference between good bodywork and great bodywork? If you have been looking for: therapists who have a gift for understanding the human body on all levels; a private location, where only one client is seen at a time to insure total focus on your healing, this is the place for you. Trust the MFit Approval that The Joyful Body has received.

Paul D. Thielking, M.D    (Integrative Psychiatry)
Specialties: Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, group; Meditation
Address: 2345 South Huron Parkway Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 904-4518
I am a Board Certified Psychiatrist interested in the integration of traditional Psychiatry with natural approaches to healing including meditation, breathwork, and vocalization. I facilitate the process of personal change, growth and healing. This involves freeing ourselves from limiting mental, emotional and relationship patterns, so that we may live genuine, fulfilled lives.

Ann Thompson, RN, CCT    (Green Health Thermography)
Specialties: Detox Therapy (Green Health Sauna); Women's health
Address: The Parkway Center, 2345 S. Huron Parkway Ann Arbo MI
Phone: 734-845-4294
No one on this planet has a body completely free of accumulated toxins. We offer Green Health Sauna with Far Infrared Technology. It detoxifies the body; Enhances the Immune System; Improves Cardiovascular Health; Relieves Stress and Pain; Weight loss & Cellulite; Control Beautifies the Skin; Best Anti-Aging Solution. We offer complete 12 weeks detox program.

Tanya Thunberg    (Spirit Moves LifeForce Yoga & Psychotherapy)
Specialties: Yoga; Psychotherapy/counseling, general
Sub-specialties:LifeForce Yoga & Experiential Psychotherapy
Credentials:LMSW, ACSW, RYT, LFYT
Address: Ann Arbor and Canton, MI
Phone: 734-904-3035
Break free from limiting patterns of anxiety and depression with the powerful combination of LifeForce Yoga & Psychotherapy. Learn to lift and stabilize your mood while opening to greater authenticity, connection and freedom. Discover what the most powerful tools are to restore you to balance. Serving teens, adults, individuals & small groups.

Amanda Topping    (Riverside Midwifery)
Specialties: Childbirth
Address: Ypsilanti MI
Phone: 734-646-2674
Compassionate, full-spectrum midwifery care for those seeking a natural homebirth. Prenatal visits in your home or in my office. Free consultation. I'm also available for hospital labor support.

Douglas J. Trudeau    (Ann Arbor Therapeutic Massage Clinic)
Specialties: Massage therapy; Reiki
Sub-specialties:neuromuscular therapy, myofascial therapy, sports massage, repetitive use therapy
Credentials:LMT Florida MA0010402
Address: 2770 Carpenter Rd. #100 Ann Arbor MI 48108
Phone: (734) 677-0030
At AATMC we were the first established massage therapy clinic in Washtenaw county. 2005 starts our 17th year serving Ann Arbor. Our clinic specializes in pain, injury, trauma, repetitive strain, accidents, sports injuries, and the acculimation of everyday stress.

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