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null A2 Yoga Works Yoga; Chronic pain; Massage therapy; Meditation; Craniosacral therapy 734-216-4006
null Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Center Acupuncture; Chinese medicine; Herbology; Women's health 734-276-3432
null Acupuncture Ann Arbor Acupuncture; Chinese medicine; Enzyme nutrition; Women's health; Allergy Elimination 734-222-8210
null Acupuncture Associates of Ann Arbor Acupuncture; Chinese medicine 734-975-2745
Diane Agresta, Psy.D. Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, marital; Psychotherapy, family (734) 665-9890
Laurie Akerros Energy healing; Craniosacral therapy 734-369-0700
null Alisa Massage therapy 734-262-0013
Coach Alje Life Coaching 734-660-9751
Debra A. Alspector, M.D. General practice; Homeopathy; Nutritional guidance; Women's health 734-418-2714
Michael Andes, MSW Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, marital; Psychotherapy, family (734) 996-9111
null Ann Arbor Thermography, CCT Cancer 734-332-9936
Adarsa Antares Massage therapy; Childbirth 734-972-8775
null Aryana Energy healing; Biofeedback; Holistic Health Education; Art therapy; Life Coaching 604-466-0703
Diane Babalas, D.C. Chiropractic; Energy healing 734-239-6060
Melanie Barron Massage therapy (734) 223-2339
Jeff Belanger Rolfing 734-657-3210
Linda S. Berry Chiropractic; Massage therapy; Craniosacral therapy; Polarity therapy; Nutrition 734-677-1900
null Body-Mind-Spirit Energy healing; Massage therapy; Meditation; Life Coaching 734-945-8602
Brandy Boehmer Colon hydrotherapy 734-995-3200
Kate Boyd, CMT, TTT Massage therapy 734-546-2387
Susan Boyes, MA, ATR-BC, LPC Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Art therapy 734-478-2394
Patty Brennan Childbirth; Holistic Health Education; Homeopathy 734-663-1523
Terry Hirth Caldwell Massage therapy; Reflexology (734) 663-9964
Castle Remedies Pharmacy; Homeopathy (734) 973-8990
Lynn Chandler, Ph.D. Psychotherapy/counseling, general 734-663-7616
Lorraine M. Coburn Psychotherapy, individual (734) 677-6644
Sheila M. Cummings, D.C. Chiropractic 734-971-2225
Hila Dahan Chinese medicine (734) 975-0966
Amy L. Dean, D.O. Nutritional guidance; Osteopathic medicine; Women's health; Holistic Health Education 734-213-4901
Christy DeBurton Yoga (734) 761-8409
Umangini Desai, BHMS, CCH, RSHom Homeopathy 734-995-3200
Eileen Dickinson Trager (734) 717-4145
null Digestive Health Ann Arbor Nutritional guidance 734-222-8210
Mary DuCharme Vocational, Entrepreneurial Skills 734-786-4377
Rosanne Emanuele Acupuncture (734) 302-7300
null Energy Medical Center Alternative and Complementary Medicine 734-995-3200
Cynthia Esseichick, LAc, Dipl OM, MSTOM Acupuncture; Chinese medicine; Herbology; Women's health 734-761-5402
Christine Fairbanks Childbirth (734) 730-1240
Frances Farmer Shiatsu 734-417-9038
Alicia Farmer Childbirth (734) 996-9286
Marjorie Farnsworth Chronic pain; Hypnotherapy; Anxiety; Alternative and Complementary Medicine 734-347-8180
Linda Diane Feldt Herbology; Craniosacral therapy; Polarity therapy; Childbirth (734) 662-4902
Colleen M. Fetzer Chronic pain; Hypnotherapy; Meditation; Women's health (734) 474-7794
Sandra Finkel Energy healing; Meditation; Life Coaching (734) 998-4906
Jessica Frost Massage therapy (734) 424-2800
Melanie Fuscaldo Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, individual (734) 668-2733
Norma Gentile Energy healing (734) 330-3997
Michael Gibson-Faith Yoga 734-717-7109
Ann-Margaret Giovino Egoscue 734-276-7769
Heather Glidden Chronic pain; Pilates exercise; Gyrotonic; Gyrokinesis 734-709-1464
Robert Goode, Ph.D. Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, individual 734-223-4202
Donna Goodin Life Coaching 810-231-2753
Cynthia Gormley Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, marital; Meditation; Energy healing 734-663-3842
Dana Gramprie Life Coaching 734-476-7411
Jodi Graves-Roberts, CD Childbirth; Holistic Health Education 734-834-6751
Linda Greene Polarity therapy (734) 662-2029
Mary A. Greiner, D.O. Craniosacral therapy; Homeopathy; Osteopathic medicine; Women's health 734-822-6001
Allan Guilpain Acupuncture; Chinese medicine; Women's health; Shiatsu; Nutritional guidance 734-417-7926
Kim Guziel Massage therapy (734) 222-3300
Amy Hale Energy healing; Hypnotherapy; Meditation; Cancer; Reiki (734) 644-6681
Kathryn Hannan Massage therapy; Reflexology; Reiki; Craniosacral therapy 734-332-3800
Sandra Hilton Physical therapy; Chronic pain; Sports medicine; Women's health 734-913-4816
Cinda Lee Hocking Women's health; Childbirth; Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Life Coaching (734) 417-7161
Cynthia Hoffman Massage therapy; Chronic pain (734) 761-5402
Holistic Midwifery Institute Holistic Health Education (734) 663-1523
Jo Horn Yoga (734) 834-0905
Kevin Howley Massage therapy; Acupressure; Nutritional guidance; Reflexology; Holistic Health Education 888-298-8758
Denise Jacob, Ph.D.,R,N. Osteopathic medicine; Acupuncture; Nutritional guidance; Hypnotherapy (248) 380-6201
J. Dale Jeffs, Ph.D. Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, marital; Psychotherapy, substance abuse (734) 975-1234
Sheree Johnson Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Meditation (734) 929-0367
Karen G. Jones Craniosacral therapy; Nutritional guidance; Chronic pain; Anxiety 734-260-3136
null Kaizen Healing Arts Acupuncture; Chinese medicine; Massage therapy; Naturopathic medicine 734-223-4156
Ellen Keeler Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, marital; Psychotherapy, family 734-994-0349
Rob Kelly Massage therapy; Craniosacral therapy (734) 994-7822
John J. Kelly, M.D., M.P.H. General practice; Homeopathy; Meditation; Holistic Health Education (734) 929-9450
Kelly Kempter Massage therapy 734-223-4156
Camille A. Kent Naturopathic medicine; Nutritional guidance; Reiki (248) 960-3826
Jessica Kilbourn Chronic pain; Craniosacral therapy; Massage therapy; AromaTouch Technique 734-417-4522
Gaia Kile Hypnotherapy; Meditation; Holistic Health Education (734) 994-4937
Katherine (Katie) King Massage therapy; Reiki (734) 994-8444
Cindy Klement Nutrition; Herbal Medicine; Holistic Health; Iridology; Holistic Health Education (734) 975-2444
Greg Knollmeyer Reflexology; Yoga (734) 678-9508
Amy Lynn Koch, PT, CST, ADS Craniosacral therapy; Physical therapy; Alternative and Complementary Medicine; Holistic Health 734-660-0898
Patricia Kramer Women's health 734-428-8740
Laurie Krauth, M.A., LLP* Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, group; Psychotherapy, marital (734) 973-3100
Linda Kurtz Craniosacral therapy; Massage therapy; Energy healing 734-769-4241
Linda Kurtz Massage therapy; Craniosacral therapy; Energy healing (734) 769-4241
Erica Lanae Massage therapy 734-262-0013
Ken Land, MSW Hypnotherapy; Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, group (734) 761-7204
Barbara Land Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, group; Psychotherapy, marital (734) 761-7204
Eryn Lauckern Massage therapy; Reflexology; Reiki; Chronic pain 734-276-5917
Sheri Lazar Nutritional guidance; Raw Foods Lifestyle and Cuisine; Cancer 734-904-2895
David Leavitt, MD, ABIHM Biofeedback; Nutritional guidance; Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, substance abuse 734-913-0350
Jennifer Lemmen, D.C. Chiropractic (734) 434-8881
Mark Leventer, M.D. Chinese medicine (517) 522-8403
Mary Light, ND, MH, LMT Polarity therapy; Herbology; Naturopathic medicine; Energy healing; Women's health (734) 769-7794
Edward J (Lev) Linkner, M.D. General practice; Herbology; Homeopathy; Nutritional guidance (734) 973-1010
Amy Marchant, MA, LLPC Psychotherapy/counseling, general 734-476-5024
Diane McCarthy Life Coaching 734-975-6888
Diane McCarthy Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, group; Psychotherapy, marital (734) 975-6888
Aimee McDonald-Anderson Pilates exercise; Gyrotonic; Gyrokinesis 734-239-4172
Jeremy Mclinger Aromatherapy (734) 996-5585
Molly F. McMullen-Laird and Quentin R. McMullen, M.D. Anthroposophical Medicine 734-222-1491
Gary Merel Acupuncture; Acupressure; Chinese medicine; Herbology 734-222-8210
Brady Mikusko Life Coaching 734-747-8240
Susan B. Miller, Ph.D. Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, marital; Psychotherapy, family (734) 995-0416
Anne Mininberg Hypnotherapy; Chronic pain 734-665-7813
Alan Moglovkin Reflexology (734) 904-1933
Joanna Myers Feldenkrais method (734) 395-8486
/College of Natural Physicians Naturopathic School of the Healing Arts Herbal Medicine; Holistic Health Education 734-769-7794
Julie Neese Massage therapy; Energy healing; Reiki 734-646-2710
James R. Neuenschwander, MD General practice; Alternative and Complementary Medicine 734-995-3200
Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CCN Nutritional guidance 734-233-3075
M. Nugent, M.D. Bioenergetics; Acupuncture (734) 218-2133
Michelle Obrecht Alexander Technique 734-646-1445
Sondra O'Donnell Yoga; Meditation 734-929-0274
Lisa Olszewski, D.C. Chiropractic 734-433-9564
Lucinda Orwoll Hypnotherapy; Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, individual; Anxiety 734-945-3024
Yvonne Pappas Shiatsu Acupressure Therapy; Shiatsu; Acupressure 734-649-7299
Craig J. Parian Acupressure; Meditation; Shiatsu 734-272-5020
Felix Paulick Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, marital; Psychotherapy, group; Psychotherapy, sexual addiction; Life Coaching 734-622-8335
Lawrence Perlman, PhD Chronic pain; Hypnotherapy; Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, family 734 846-7949
Kim Perlman, M.A. Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Women's health; Art therapy 734-846-2883
Greg Peroff, D.C. Chiropractic (734) 662-4000
Bethany Peterson Reiki; Energy healing 718-610-9965
Ilona Phillips Meditation; Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, substance abuse 734-478-7358
Kathleen Powell Massage therapy (734) 417-4325
Beverly Price, RD, MA, RYT Nutritional guidance; Yoga 248-390-4150
Relax Station Massage therapy; Reflexology; Reiki (734)623-1951
null RelaxStation Ltd. Massage therapy; Reflexology; Energy healing 734-623-1951
Gretchen Rieger Reflexology (734) 913-5459
Joel Robbins, Dipl. OM Acupressure; Acupuncture; Chinese medicine; Herbology 734-205-7348
Rebecca Rogers, N.M.D., M.S., D. Ho Naturopathic medicine; Nutritional guidance; Homeopathy; Herbology; Biofeedback (734) 449-5483
Mark Rojek, Acupuncture; Enzyme therapy 734-433-9267
Mark Rojek Herbal Medicine 734-475-2737
Robert C. Rose, D.C. Chiropractic 734-973-6898
Joan M. Rose Craniosacral therapy 734-973-6898
Shannon Roznay, DC Chiropractic 734-470-6766
Meredith Russell-Fay Psychotherapy/counseling, general 734-476-5133
Lisa Saaf Shiatsu 734-255-7606
Deborah Salzberg, Psy.D Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, marital; Hypnotherapy; Life Coaching 734-477-9280
Karis Samson Massage therapy 734-720-1294
Teresa M. Saunders, D.C. Chiropractic (734) 449-4435
Darren Schmidt, D.C., N.D. Chiropractic; Naturopathic medicine; Nutritional guidance; Homeopathy (734) 302-7575
Keli A. Schneberger Chronic pain (734) 649-8305
Alyssa Schreiber Massage therapy; Chronic pain 734-657-1765
Seema Shaik, MBBS, CCT Thermography (Thermal Imaging); Women's health; Cancer 734-845-4294
Malcolm Sickels, M.D. General practice; Hypnotherapy; Nutritional guidance; Holistic Health Education (734) 332-9936
Caryn Simon Childbirth; Herbology; Reiki 734-646-1351
Heather Sloan Acupuncture 734-975-2745
Helen Slomovits Energy healing (734) 665-0409
Marie Slottow Energy healing 734-546-6594
Terri Stangl, J.D. Sensory deprivation tank 989-295-4269
Ema Stefanova Yoga; Meditation (734) 665-7801
Helen Stockton Childbirth 734-657-0259
null The Joyful Body, Inc. Massage therapy; Craniosacral therapy; Energy healing; Cancer (734) 827-2639
Paul D. Thielking, M.D Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, group; Meditation (734) 904-4518
Ann Thompson, RN, CCT Detox Therapy (Green Health Sauna); Women's health 734-845-4294
Tanya Thunberg Yoga; Psychotherapy/counseling, general 734-904-3035
Amanda Topping Childbirth 734-646-2674
Douglas J. Trudeau Massage therapy; Reiki (734) 677-0030
Shelley L. Van Riper Women's health; Holistic Health Education 248-980-2276
Osiris Veizaga Aromatherapy (734) 485-3685
null Vic Meditation 734-904-2164
Billie Wahlen Massage therapy; Yoga; Energy healing; Meditation; Reiki 734-276-6520
Billie Wahlen Massage therapy; Reflexology; Meditation; Yoga 734-276-6520
Sh. Bapak Waleed Meditation; Nutritional guidance; Energy healing; Physical therapy; Life Coaching 734-945-8602
Weili Wang, O.M.D. Acupuncture 734-995-3200
Earl Wenk Massage therapy; Chronic pain 734-222-3300
Earl Wenk Chronic pain; Kinesiology; Massage therapy; Sports medicine 734-222-3300
Christia West Reiki (734) 994-7822
Brian J. Whelan Massage therapy; Craniosacral therapy; Energy healing 734-717-6097
Brian J. Whelan Acupressure; Biofeedback; Craniosacral therapy; Massage therapy; Psychotherapy/counseling, general 734-717-6097
Barbra White Acupressure; Iridology; Homeopathy (248) 349-4518
Bob White Acupressure; Iridology; Homeopathy (248) 349-4518
Suzy Wienckowski Reiki (734) 665-8665
Wendy Woerner Massage therapy (734) 222-3300
Wendy Woerner Massage therapy; Reiki (734) 998-4770
Isabelle Joy Yingling Childbirth (734) 475-0022
null Yoga Shala Yoga 734-222-9642
Martha Young Life Coaching 313-642-0762
Ann Zalek Massage therapy; Craniosacral therapy; Reiki; Reflexology 734-255-0403

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