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General practice

Debra A. Alspector, M.D.   
Specialties: General practice; Homeopathy; Nutritional guidance; Women's health
Address: 180 Little Lake Drive, Suite 5 Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: 734-418-2714
I practice holistic family medicine, with an emphasis on prevention, education, wellness, and complimentary therapeutic treatment options.

John J. Kelly, M.D., M.P.H.    (Ann Arbor Integrative Medicine)
Specialties: General practice; Homeopathy; Meditation; Holistic Health Education
Address: 3606 West Liberty Road Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: (734) 929-9450
Integrative medicine seeks to combine the best ideas and practices of conventional and alternative medicine into cost-effective treatments that will be in the best interests of patients and that aim to stimulate the human body's natural healing potentials.

Edward J (Lev) Linkner, M.D.   
Specialties: General practice; Herbology; Homeopathy; Nutritional guidance
Address: 2345 South Huron Parkway Ann Arbor MI 48104
Phone: (734) 973-1010
I practice Holistic Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Family Medicine, with an emphasis on prevention, education, wellness, and complimentary therapeutic treatment options. I stress the importance of a cooperative relationship with patients highlighting the whole person- physical, mental, emotional, and spirititual.

James R. Neuenschwander, MD    (Energy Medical Center)
Specialties: General practice; Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Address: 3131 Professional Drive Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-995-3200
At Bio Energy Medical Center, we use natural remedies such as acupuncture, vitamin and nutritional support, homeopathy, herbal medicines, therapeutic diets, and lifestyle modification to treat the underlying causes of illness, rather than simply treating various symptoms. We use pharmaceuticals when clearly needed. We believe that your manifestation of wellness or illness is caused by the unique way in which your individual biochemical and genetic makeup interacts with everything to which you are exposed - from the food you eat, to the air you breath, to the water you drink, to the environmental pollutants and toxins you absorb, to the thoughts you think. Many medications only treat and suppress symptoms without addressing underlying causes. Using an integrative approach to your health concerns, we strive to understand the root cause(s) of your condition(s), and correct any underlying biochemical imbalances to ultimately heal.

Malcolm Sickels, M.D.   
Specialties: General practice; Hypnotherapy; Nutritional guidance; Holistic Health Education
Address: 210 Little Lake Drive, Suite 10 Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 332-9936
I am a physician in solo practice to provide personal service to my patients. Board certified in holistic medicine, family medicine, and chelation therapy, I work with my patients to find therapies that are effective without side effects.

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