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A2 Yoga Works   
Specialties: Yoga; Chronic pain; Massage therapy; Meditation; Craniosacral therapy
Credentials:RYT, LMT
Address: 2450 W. Stadium (in the Ann Arbor Yoga building) Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-216-4006
Discount for mentioning this site:First class is free. $10 off first massage.
We are a new yoga studio with Vinyasa, Posture Pro, Hatha and Fluid Yoga classes (our own blend). We also offer Nia and therapeutic bodywork. A sauna and showers are available and the space is beautiful. Come practice with us.

Specialties: Energy healing; Massage therapy; Meditation; Life Coaching
Sub-specialties:Spiritual martial arts
Address: 2007 South State St. Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-945-8602
Discount for mentioning this site:Free first session
BODY-MIND-SPIRIT [BMS] is a center that hosts instructors and therapists that teach various disciplines which promote wellness, including sessions in meditation, energy and healing arts, spiritual martial arts as well as lifestyle coaching, wellness consultation and more…

Colleen M. Fetzer    (Gestalt Counseling and Training Institute)
Specialties: Chronic pain; Hypnotherapy; Meditation; Women's health
Sub-specialties:Weight Management
Address: 2311 EAST Stadium Suite 108 Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 474-7794
Discount for mentioning this site:$10 Discount if you mention you found me on this site!
I provide a comfortable enviroment where people can empower themselves for self-improvement, whether it be weight management, stop smoking, accelerated healing, migraine control, pain control, phobias and fears, higher self-confidence, test anxiety, and comfortable childbirth hypnosis. It's Easy!

Sandra Finkel    (Stress Management Services, UM Preventive Cardiology)
Specialties: Energy healing; Meditation; Life Coaching
Sub-specialties:Stress Management Specialist
Address: Lobby A, Domino Farms Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 998-4906
Stress Management consultations using a variety of mind/body techniques such as meditation, EFT and imagery. Group classes also available. Visit http:/ stress.html for more information.

Cynthia Gormley    (Body Heart Mind)
Specialties: Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, marital; Meditation; Energy healing
Sub-specialties:Buddhist Perspective
Credentials:BA Psychology - University of Michigan MSW - University of Michigan Licensed, Certified Social Worker
Address: Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-663-3842
Discount for mentioning this site:20% off first visit
Body Heart Mind is a psychotherapeutic approach which transforms the energy of the body, the expression of the emotions and the negative habits of the mind, allowing the heart to open and your innate happiness to be restored.

Amy Hale    (Changing Lanes)
Specialties: Energy healing; Hypnotherapy; Meditation; Cancer; Reiki
Address: 1900 West Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 644-6681
Hypnotherapy and Reiki services provided for health improvment, weight management, smoking cessation, pain mgt. Self-Hypnosis is also taught.

Sheree Johnson    (Gestalt Counseling and Training Institute of Ann Arbor)
Specialties: Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Meditation
Sub-specialties:Gestalt Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Art Therapy
Credentials:Licensed Professional Counselor, M.Ed.
Address: 2311 East Stadium Blvd. Suite 107 Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 929-0367
Discount for mentioning this site:First visit is always free.
Gestalt is guided by a belief that through the practices of awareness, nonjudgement and self-acceptance, one discovers his or her true nature. The Taoist concept of "Wu-Wei" (non-action) suggests that heaven will manifest its will for us in a spontaneous manner WHEN WE LEARN TO JUST "BE".

John J. Kelly, M.D., M.P.H.    (Ann Arbor Integrative Medicine)
Specialties: General practice; Homeopathy; Meditation; Holistic Health Education
Address: 3606 West Liberty Road Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: (734) 929-9450
Integrative medicine seeks to combine the best ideas and practices of conventional and alternative medicine into cost-effective treatments that will be in the best interests of patients and that aim to stimulate the human body's natural healing potentials.

Gaia Kile   
Specialties: Hypnotherapy; Meditation; Holistic Health Education
Sub-specialties:Mind Body Therapies
Credentials:MSN Family Nurse Practitioner
Address: 522 Miller Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 994-4937
I offer hypnotherapy sessions focusing on physical health concerns. Your unconscious mind can be a doorway to your bodies health. I lead Mind/Body Skills Groups which meet weekly for twelve weeks. Groups introduce you to many powerful Mind Body techniques.

Sondra O'Donnell    (Sun-Moon Yoga Studio)
Specialties: Yoga; Meditation
Address: 404 W. Huron Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: 734-929-0274
Sun Moon Yoga studio is a lovely space with over 1800 square feet devoted to giving the community a beautiful environment for yoga practice, workshops and community gatherings.

Craig J. Parian    (Evolving Shiatsu)
Specialties: Acupressure; Meditation; Shiatsu
Sub-specialties:Sound Healing
Credentials:Graduate International School of Shiatsu, AOBTA Certified Practitioner, Professor of Shiatsu @ AAIMT Third Level Master in Himalayan Bowl Healing, trained in Structural Alignment, Central Channel Clearing and Fascia Release
Address: 408 N. Main St. Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-272-5020
Discount for mentioning this site:1st treatment 1 hour $49
Evolving Shiatsu Bodywork Therapy utilizes acupuncture system without the use of needles. Includes deep tissue bodywork,acupressure, stretching, structural alignment, spinal release, and sound healing. Relieves pain, improves circulation, releases toxins, strengthens immune system, increases energy. Also improves chronic health issues by balancing and strengthening the body's own healing ability. Also diet, exercise and life style counseling for self-healing.

Ilona Phillips   
Specialties: Meditation; Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, substance abuse
Sub-specialties:Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (individual, couples and group)
Address: 118 W. Jefferson Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: 734-478-7358
Have you struggled with: eating&body image concerns, substance use, addiction, compulsive behaviors, anxiety, depression,relationship concerns? I can help you find answers&effective tools to successfully manage your concerns. My approach is based primarily in the progressive work of Mindfulness Based CBT and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy tailored to your needs.

Ema Stefanova   
Specialties: Yoga; Meditation
Sub-specialties:Yoga Nidra Relaxation
Credentials:Expert Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Guide of 27 years worldwide; UM Integrative Medicine Yoga and Meditation Therapy Referral Practitioner.
Address: P.O. Box 1033 Ann Arbor MI 48106-1033
Phone: (734) 665-7801
Teaching traditional yoga postures, breathing, relaxation, cleansing and meditation since 1979. Worked with cardiac patients in the area. Implementing programs for clients' specific needs - both adults and kids. Will come to your school, business, etc. for group or individual lessons.

Paul D. Thielking, M.D    (Integrative Psychiatry)
Specialties: Psychotherapy/counseling, general; Psychotherapy, individual; Psychotherapy, group; Meditation
Address: 2345 South Huron Parkway Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 904-4518
I am a Board Certified Psychiatrist interested in the integration of traditional Psychiatry with natural approaches to healing including meditation, breathwork, and vocalization. I facilitate the process of personal change, growth and healing. This involves freeing ourselves from limiting mental, emotional and relationship patterns, so that we may live genuine, fulfilled lives.

Vic    (Sahaja Yoga)
Specialties: Meditation
Address: 2273 Glencoe Hills Dr #12 Ann Arbor MI 48108
Phone: 734-904-2164
Sahaja Yoga is a unique method of meditation based on an experience called Self Realization (Kundalini awakening) that can occur within each human being. Through this process an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced. One can actually feel the all pervading divine power as a cool breeze, as described in all religions and spiritual traditions of the world.

Billie Wahlen   
Specialties: Massage therapy; Yoga; Energy healing; Meditation; Reiki
Credentials:national certification
Address: Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-276-6520
I deliver exceptional bodywork and massage. I also teach kundalini yoga in Ann Arbor. I have been practicing massage at Dr. Rose's chiropractic clinic and working with Relaxstation. You can contact me directly to set up an appointment. I work on everyone big, small, old or young.

Billie Wahlen    (Specialti)
Specialties: Massage therapy; Reflexology; Meditation; Yoga
Credentials:Nationally Certified
Address: 2345 Huron Parkway Ann Arbor MI 48104
Phone: 734-276-6520
I offer a dynamic bodywork practice including yoga therapy and stretching. I specialize in deep tissue work and intuitive guidence. I also teach yoga classes.

Sh. Bapak Waleed   
Specialties: Meditation; Nutritional guidance; Energy healing; Physical therapy; Life Coaching
Sub-specialties:Sufi Meditation, Natural Healing & Prophetic Remedies
Address: 2007 S. State Street Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-945-8602
Director, BODY-MIND-SPIRIT, the premier Ann Arbor wellness center providing classes, instruction and personal training in meditation, movement arts, natural healing & alternative therapies.

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