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Polarity therapy

Linda S. Berry    (Complete Chiropractic & Bodywork Therapies)
Specialties: Chiropractic; Massage therapy; Craniosacral therapy; Polarity therapy; Nutrition
Sub-specialties:trauma healing, activator method, applied kinesiology, cox flexion distraction, sacrooccipital technique, somatic experiencing, reiki therapy, lymphatic drainage therapy, neuromuscular therapy
Credentials:Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)
Address: 2020 Hogback Rd, Suite 7 Ann Arbor MI 48105
Phone: 734-677-1900
Complete Chiropractic & Bodywork Therapies offers a variety of chiropractic and massage therapy techniques including Applied Kinesiology, Cox Flexion Distraction, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Trager. Two Chiropractors work in tandem with three Massage Therapists to help you achieve optimal health.

Linda Diane Feldt    (Ann Arbor Center for Holistic Health and Traditional Wisdom)
Specialties: Herbology; Craniosacral therapy; Polarity therapy; Childbirth
Credentials:NCTMB, RPP, Herbalist, CST
Address: P.O. Box 3218 Ann Arbor MI 48106
Phone: (734) 662-4902
A student of the healing arts since 1973, I've had a full time private practice since 1980. Contact me for classes in a variety of areas, some free of charge.

Linda Greene    (Linda Greene Wellness and Polarity)
Specialties: Polarity therapy
Sub-specialties:Holistic approach to Arthritis
Credentials:Associate Polarity Practitioner
Address: 3300 East Delhi Road Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 662-2029
Restore balance to your Body, Lifestyle,&Spirit through a highly indivdualized approach integrating energy work in the Polarity &Craniosacral models, behaviorial & nutritional counseling guided by muscle testing.Using positive goal setting to gain personal insights achieve vitality and joy in daily living.

Mary Light, ND, MH, LMT    (Naturopathic School of the Healing Arts)
Specialties: Polarity therapy; Herbology; Naturopathic medicine; Energy healing; Women's health
Sub-specialties:Naturopathic Doctor providing Women 's and Family Health Services in the field of Traditional Naturopathy
Credentials:Naturopath (ND) Master Herbalist (MH) Licensed Massage Therapist, NCBTMB Provider of Continuing Education since 1998.
Address: 7920 Jackson Road Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: (734) 769-7794
Discount for mentioning this site:Free brief telephone consult to determine client needs
Dr. Dr. Mary Light, ND, MH, is a traditional naturopath, master herbalist, and director and founder of both the Naturopathic School of the Healing Arts and American Naturopath's Association. She has maintained a private practice since 1992, with consultations by appointment. See See also : American Naturopath's Association:

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