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Diane Babalas, D.C.    (Gateway Chiropractic)
Specialties: Chiropractic; Energy healing
Address: 210 Collingwood Suite 100 Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: 734-239-6060
I practice a very gentle method called Bio-Geometric Integration(BGI). BGi is very effective in teaching the body to release tension and connecting people with their innate potential for health and well being.

Linda S. Berry    (Complete Chiropractic & Bodywork Therapies)
Specialties: Chiropractic; Massage therapy; Craniosacral therapy; Polarity therapy; Nutrition
Sub-specialties:trauma healing, activator method, applied kinesiology, cox flexion distraction, sacrooccipital technique, somatic experiencing, reiki therapy, lymphatic drainage therapy, neuromuscular therapy
Credentials:Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)
Address: 2020 Hogback Rd, Suite 7 Ann Arbor MI 48105
Phone: 734-677-1900
Complete Chiropractic & Bodywork Therapies offers a variety of chiropractic and massage therapy techniques including Applied Kinesiology, Cox Flexion Distraction, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Trager. Two Chiropractors work in tandem with three Massage Therapists to help you achieve optimal health.

Sheila M. Cummings, D.C.    (Cummings Chiropractic Center)
Specialties: Chiropractic
Credentials:Doctor of Chiropractic, N.A.E.T. Practioner
Address: 3875 Packard Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-971-2225
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We focus on customizing our treatments to each patient's individual needs. I'm certified in 13 different chiropractic techniques, which allows me to accommodate newborns to seniors. Through chiropractic treatment, you can achieve optimal health. Palmer graduate. N.A.E.T. Certified Practitioner.

Jennifer Lemmen, D.C.    (Arbor Park Family Chiropractic)
Specialties: Chiropractic
Address: 4940 Clark Rd. Suite 101 Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 434-8881
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At Arbor Park Family Chiropractic, we acknowledge the human body's extraordinary innate capability to heal. As we identify and address the underlying cause of dysfunction, we enable your body to heal naturally, from the inside-out, without the use of invasive drugs or surgeries.

Lisa Olszewski, D.C.    (Precision Spinal Care)
Specialties: Chiropractic
Address: 1600 Commerce Park Drive Ste 200 Chelsea MI 48118
Phone: 734-433-9564
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Utilizing the gentle NUCCA method of spinal correction, there is no twisting of the neck or back, nor "cracking" of the spine. Using innovative technology, we aim to balance the head and neck into a straight, upright position, to restore the body's balance, naturally.

Greg Peroff, D.C.    (Synergy Chiropractic Center)
Specialties: Chiropractic
Address: 4347 Jackson Rd Ann Arbor MI
Phone: (734) 662-4000
We are a family Chiropractic office catering to infants thru seniors. We allow the body to fully express itself through the inborn wisdom of each individual. Prevention and correction of the underlying cause leads to optimal health.

Robert C. Rose, D.C.    (Rose Chiropractic Clinic, PC)
Specialties: Chiropractic
Address: The Parkway Center 2345 S. Huron Pkwy Ann Arbor MI
Phone: 734-973-6898
I have offered chiropractic care to people in the Ann Arbor area for over 30 years. I am Advanced Rated in Activator Methods. I am also skilled in manual adjusting.

Shannon Roznay, DC    (Thrive! Wellness Center)
Specialties: Chiropractic
Sub-specialties:Nutrition Response Testing
Address: 6901 S State Rd, Ste D Saline MI 48176
Phone: 734-470-6766
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At Thrive! we specialize in improving health through nutritional supplements and dietary change. We also offer chiropractic and massage services along with healthy products for your body and home.

Teresa M. Saunders, D.C.    (Whitmore Lake Chiropractic)
Specialties: Chiropractic
Address: 8505 Main Street, Front, Whitmore Lake MI 48189
Phone: (734) 449-4435
Dr. Saunders has been providing chiropractic care to the Whitmore Lake community for two decades. She is a full spine adjuster and a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. New patients are scheduled as promptly as possible.

Darren Schmidt, D.C., N.D.    (Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor)
Specialties: Chiropractic; Naturopathic medicine; Nutritional guidance; Homeopathy
Address: 3100 W Liberty, suite C Ann Arbor MI 48103
Phone: (734) 302-7575
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I help people improve their health by providing intelligent advice, nutritional recommendations, food supplements, homeopathy, chiropractic and herbs. I help people get to the cause of their health concern and find an effective natural treatment.

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